Expand comparative Historical Brew Day Reporting Data

I feel that it would be beneficial to expand the analytics reporting within BREWW. I think it would be beneficial to allow comparative graphic/Data reports for attenuation. There are many reports within the brewing side of the software that allows limited past batch comparisons. THis is a number that we rely on to ensure that all of our brewers are hitting similar metrics within a brewing day.


Hey Landon! We’ve recently added the ability to report on Attenuation and Reporting tags using the recent batches comparison tool under the Analysis tab on a batch.

Was this the report you were looking for here? Or are you looking for the ability to extend these reports beyond recent batches?

This is so helpful!!! thank you for looking out for us.


No worries - really glad to hear this is helpful! Any other production reporting requests, just let us know, and we’ll always see what we can do :beers: