Excel Export price lists improvements

Hi there - loving the improvements on the price lists but the export comes out quite a bit muddled with product codes and beer names in the same column and tags and descriptions as well.

I’m pleased to hear you’re loving the saved templates!

Regarding the beer name, style and description on the Excel export, this is how it is intended to show, but we’ll happily hear your suggestions!
The product rows are grouped by beer, and there’s a row dedicated to the beer name (and style & description depending on your settings) that will divide up the product rows. Would you like the option to not show this beer name row at all?

the problem is that it is more difficult to sort in this way as a column contains multiple types of information - if productcode, tags, description, beer name, beer style all have a different column it is way easier to manipulate the data in a way that suits our model

Thanks for the extra info - that makes complete sense. We’ll look to add the option to display these as separate columns for you.

Great news!
We’ve now put the beer name and description in their own columns. You’re right, this should be better for the way in which the spreadsheet will be used.

We hope this helps!

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