Email/phone numbers in leads/customers to be clickable

Hi, it would be great to have the emails and phone numbers in brew clickable as I often find a pub I need to speak to and then have to select the text to copy in phone or mail. A simple mailto: or tel: would be great. We’re using macs which allow us to make calls direct from the computer (through my phone) … one of those #qualityoflife hacks :slight_smile:

Obviously the best thing would be to record that a call has happened or offer a dialog to record a call after clicking or even to compose an email that would be sent for me but I guess that would be way more complex than just editing a web page/template.

Thank you,


Thanks Ondrej. In lots of places around Breww, there should already be a button to click to email or click to call, like in this screenshot:

If there are other specific places where this isn’t showing, but you’d find it useful, can you please let us know where and we’ll see what we can do? :+1:

oh, that’s great, I didn’t notice, thought these are just icons for the type of a contact … having the whole thing as a link I think would be more user friendly … ?

Potentially, but having buttons as clickable actions rather than text is more consistent with the rest of Breww’s UI. We’ll leave these as-is for now as the functionality is there and there’s a long list of other requests for new functionality :+1: Cheers