Efficiency and recording hop dumps

Sorry if this has been covered before, tried using the search function but didn’t find anything!

I was wondering if I could run a report which would compare efficiency by individual vessels as a variable?

Also, we use a unitank system and was wondering if there is a way to record hop dumps for each batch, similar to the way gravity readings are recorded.

Cheers in advance!

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Hi Gary - welcome to the community!

All the data is in Breww to calculate efficiencies, and we have a report called Completed batch yields in ReportingPre-built Production & inventory reports, which will show you your production efficiency by batch. However, there isn’t an equivalent pre-built report for efficiency grouped by vessel at the moment. Would a report like this, calculated as Total volume into vessel / Total volume successfully packaged/transferred from vessel, be what you are looking for? Or does the yield by batch achieve what you’re looking for?

Regarding hop dumps, do you mean when adding hops or removing hops from the vessel (I’ve heard the term used both way!)? You can add the ingredient to the batch and record the quantity used, and you can also use the “Add volume” function on batch to remove some of the volume from the vessel by providing a negative amount. However, if there’s more you would like to record surrounding this let us know, and we can look into it for you!