Editing the main production page

Are we able to edit the visable fields on the main production screen under “primary vessels”. Currently we can see
Vessel - Capacity - Current quantity - Gyle - Beer - Measured abv - Packaging approval - Next recipe step.

Could we have the option to show other values such as pH, pressure, set temp, actual temp and current gravity etc. It would be helpful to have a quick snapshot of all the tanks without having to go into each vessel.


Hi Freddie,

Ah yes, I see what you mean. We can certainly look to make the majority of columns customisable here actually, allowing you to choose which ones you’d like to see on the summary and which you don’t!

For fermentation readings like pH, set temp etc. would you want this to just pull through the latest record, or show a graph like measured ABV does, or both?


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Hi Max. For us just pulling through the latest reading would be ideal, but if the option to convert it to a graph was there it might be helpful too. Thanks!