Disposable verses reusable kegs?

Hi, very new to Breww. Just setting up some container types and hit my first question :slight_smile:
We have disposable 30L poly kegs (fixed price each) and some re-usable ecodraft 30L kegs,
which also have a fixed price to re-spear/bag them.
Its likely we will only be using the ecodraft kegs within our own bars (whenever that may be!!) and will use the poly kegs to send beer out in. Both have an effect on the pricing of the beer.
We don’t need to track the ecodraft really, as they will only stay within our tap rooms.
My question is, should I set two container types for these?

Hi Mike,

Welcome to Breww and the community!

Usually the question of whether to set this up as two separate container types comes down to whether you would consider them as two different products, i.e. if you sold Beer A in a 30L Keg, does it matter whether it is in an Ecodraft keg or a PolyKeg - are they part of the same pool of stock or two separate pools. Here it sounds like it does, as you’ll want to track different stock items and therefore costs against each type, and you’ll want to be able to look at your product stock and know how much of Beer A is in an Ecodraft keg compared to a PolyKeg, rather than seeing a single 30L Keg number.

Hope that helps make a decision on that - but anything else or if that doesn’t make sense just let us know!

Fingers crossed those kegs will be in your taproom soon :crossed_fingers:


Hi Max,
Thanks or your reply. I expected to get an email notification that somebody had replied, I don’t think I did (can you tell me what email address it should have come from?).
Anyway, I’ve seen your answer now and I think I will make two containers!

Another quick question.
I could not see where to add the cost of these one way kegs? After all, this adds to the cost of the packaged beer. Sure I am just being daft.

Yep no problem - I’d recommend setting it up as a stock item against the container type for non-returnable kegs. So first create a stock item called “PolyKeg” for example, then in Containers > Click the PolyKeg container type > Edit > Then attach that stock item to the container type under “Default packaging stock items”. That way it will automatically remove the stock item when you package that container type, and you can also receive them into stock with inventory receipts. That will allow you to track their purchase cost over time, see current quantities and allocate their cost to the finished packaged beer :+1:

Thanks Max, I’ve done that!

I notice under the containers, it does not show the quantity? I assume I don’t need to worry about this when I come to packaging?

Hi Mike,

Great! No, no need to worry about that - that’s the quantity of returnable containers that you have in total and available (i.e. empty at the brewery), so not that relevant for containers that you only ever use as non-returnables! I’m thinking we can probably hide them from that list if they are only ever used as non-returnable containers, makes more sense!


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Thanks Max. I don’t seem to get email notifications to replies? Even though I seem to have it enabled, any ideas?

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you about email notifications. We believe that we’ve resolved this issue now so you should be getting notifications as configured (so one about this post!). Can you let me know either way?



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Hey Luke, awesome! received that notification in an email, thanks for sorting it!

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