Delivery Notes - How to show BBE/Container No. alongside Product?

We were looking at the options within Breww to provide BBE information to customers on Delivery Notes - we’ve seen this article, but it doesn’t quite do what we need.

On our delivery page, we can see:

Keg#, Product Name, Batch & BBE

For the Customer, the delivery note contains the products, then the ‘delivered in’ section can contain a list of container#/batch/BBE information - but for the customer, this isn’t as joined up for their inventory management, as it isn’t clear to them what keg number & BBE referes to which product. We’re trying to figure out if there is a way to show to the customer that they’ve received Beer x 1, BBE 01/01/2024, or even if the products could have the container# appended, so they can cross-reference with the ‘delivered in’ section?

Maybe we’re missing a setting somewhere, but does anyone know if this is possible?

Hi Steve, thanks for your comment! I’ve had a look at this for you, and your delivery note should include this information in one line, as per my screenshot below. Would it be okay if you provided a screenshot of what you’re seeing currently for your delivery notes? If you would rather keep this document private, feel free to send this via a support ticket, and I can look into your settings for you! Cheers!


Thanks Ben! Seeing that made me realise that we probably don’t have the code for this in our custom template, so I’ll have a poke around in there, and let you know if we have any more problems.

Thanks for the advice :beers:

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