Delivery dates integrated into SIBA Beerflex

Can we have the “Next delivery date” migrated into Beerflex so that the buying end can see what date their order will be delivered.
Currently most of our runs are fortnightly and Beerflex rules state that “delivery should be no more than five working days from the date of the order.”
If the buyer could see the “Next delivery date” as set up in our delivery settings then this would avoid the problems of trying to inform the buyer when often no phone number or email is supplied as it may well be a managed house from a large pubCo, or lost orders or being penalised by SIBA, even losing the Beerflex system altogether.

Thanks for the suggestion, Simon.

Is this “Next delivery date” a feature in SIBA Beerflex? I’ve not heard of this before, and I don’t have access to the same part of the SIBA platform as you do (as we’re a supplier partner, not a brewery).

Hi Luke,
No it’s not and that is a problem.
SIBA insist on a 5 day delivery but the pubs using SIBA have no idea of when we are delivering to that area as we cannot contact or market to them directly.

Thanks for the reply, Simon.

You’re right, that’s a problem, sadly. In this case, I’ll need to close this request, sorry.

If you can speak to SIBA, get them to change their policy on this and introduce this new field (with a way of us updating it programmatically), then we would happily build our side of the integration :+1:

This project would need to start with SIBA changing their rules. Until this is possible with SIBA, there’s nothing we can do, I’m afraid. If you make some progress with them, then by all means, open a new request here with us. I hope this makes sense. Cheers.

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