Deliveries Without Assigning Containers

Hey guys,

Been checking out the demo version of Breww just to get a feeling for what it can do and how it would fit with our current workflow (very impressed so far).

I was wondering if its possible to manage deliveries without having to assign containers? We don’t use any of our own containers anymore (only Kegstar/KeyKeg containers) and we typically scan and write on each one prior to sending things out (in the case of Kegstar) or just load the required quantity of Keykegs based on a picking list. Internet/wireless connectivity is an issue for us, so having to scan each container to an order is a bit of barrier with our current setup and workflow. Plus the added time of having to scan everything twice of course.

I noticed there was a ‘auto assign all possible items for entire day’ feature. But I cant seem to get it to do anything in the demo version. Does it only work with small pack?

Any thoughts?


I haven’t figured this out yet either, end up having to go into each order and assign a random non-returnable keg.

Hi Luke,

Welcome to the Breww community, I’m glad to hear you’re impressed with Breww so far!

When it comes to assigning containers on a delivery run, to ensure traceability and the correct calculation of beer duty, an order does need to have a stock item assigned to it before it is able to be despatched. However, we appreciate that there are multiple ways that our customers work and as such, we offer a few different approaches to assigning stock to an order & delivery.

For the way you work, we advise using Breww’s ‘auto-assignment’ feature which can automatically assign all non-returnable containers and smallpack. This feature works on a ‘first in, first out (FIFO)’ basis and as such, will pick the next available keg in sequence and present the container code on the delivery manifest for you - this non-returnable keg code is generated at the point of racking. This way, you don’t need to scan any containers in Breww or worry about a lack of phone reception - the items will have already been assigned for you. We also generate a comprehensive pick list that covers all items required for the day, split across the method it is being delivered.

To enable this feature for non-returnable cask & keg containers, head to Settings > Delivery settings > Auto assign products and select “Auto assign non returnable casks & kegs”.

I hope that’s useful but we welcome any further questions and comments!


Hey James,

That’s brilliant, thank you. I presumed as much, I just couldn’t get it to work. I’ll carry on having a play around with things. Auto assigning small pack and non return containers is ideal.

I take it we would still need to tell Breww that we’ve put X product into Y non returnable keg, but that’s just part of the packaging/racking process right?

Cheers for getting back to me so quickly.

Hi Luke,

Yes that is correct - at the point of racking you would tell Breww how many non-returnable containers are being filled and unique one-way barcode labels will be generated once the racking instance has been completed. These labels contain information such as the product name, beer batch, allergens, BBE & ABV in addition to the barcode to allow you to effecively manage your product stock internally.

We breww small batches and currently use only non-returnables. We auto-assign at the moment of delivery and ignore the generated numbers :slight_smile:

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