Customer Group Data Import

Hi, we’re transitioning over from Brewman and at the stage of uploading the bulk customer information we’ve mapped customer group to customer group, however the list of 40 groups aren’t yet set up in Breww, so we have no option to choose one in the drop down list.

Is there a way to mass create customer groups or upload a list of customer groups? Would we need to create each group one by one first, before we can then upload the customer information and link them? Can we upload without selecting a customer group for now and Breww will create a customer group for those that have?


Hi Alex,
Thanks for the question.
You can import your customers without creating a group first and then use the customer updater tool to then assign them to groups after you’ve made them. It would save you some time if you were able to create the groups first, but it is possible to bulk assign them after. The groups themselves would need to be made one by one. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions on this.