Customer Complaint Log

It was would be really useful to be able to log customer complaints (& ullages) within each batch so you could track small pack, cask or keg complaints across specific batches / products.

Being able to report how many complaints you received over a year, (again seeing how many products or batches were affected), would be very helpful, if you could view that data within a single area.



I agree this would be very helpful, particularly to manage the number of guest beers that we have.

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A customer complaint process that you can enact before an ullage would be very useful. we have had instances where a customer has complained and the beer/container in question has been absolutely fine ( customer said it was leaking, we saw no signs of leaking and there was no beer loss) our only option to record this process on brew was to start an ullage when the customer made the complaint. This caused a problem because when we then discovered the beer was fine we could not undo the ullage and had to empty the container on breww.

if we could record a complaint as it comes in and raise an uplift linked to the complaint, record findings of the complaint investigation and then either ullage or approve for resale/ return to customer.

Like an “ullage request”? I think in the past I’ve managed this by returning then spoiling (if required). I don’t remember finding these ullage tools terribly useful. But I’m probably wrong. You’re right though - often an item will need to be back at the brewery before the determination can be made. And there’s the question of an ullage allowance per customer - as proportion of sales? And an approval pipeline?