CSV Stock takes to show column with stock item type & sub-type (for filtering only)


When doing a stock takes for stock items, it would be helpful to have a row for the type and and one for sub type.


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sorry, but this isn’t really going to be possible with the current CSV stock take tool due to how it works behind the scenes, however we do plan to build a visual stock take tool in the future which we would add this kind of information to.

Update August 2022: Some changes to how this works in the back-end mean this would now be possible to build :+1:

If you’d like an export of your stock items with this information, you can get this from our recently launched Data Explorer tool for Stock Items (available from the Reporting menu option).

Have a great weekend.


It’d be amazing if the inventory item type field was included on the Stock Take worksheets. We split our stock take between the brewing, packaging and sales teams, and being able to quickly filter on these fields to give out department specific stock take sheets would be great. It’d also help newer staff identify inventory items if they don’t immediately know the name of a specific chemical etc.



Thanks, Ben, I can see how this would be useful. I’ve merged your request with this other similar thread.

Previously this wasn’t going to be possible, but some other changes have made this feasible. If anyone else would find this useful, please give this a vote with the button in the top-left.