Creating price lists in Breww

If you need to provide your customers or prospective customers with a price list, you can quickly generate these in Breww. When setting up a customer in Breww, you can assign a Price book to determine how much they are charged when they place an order. This is the same information used when generating a price list for the customer. You can then export the price list as a PDF or as a spreadsheet.

You can find Price lists in Breww by heading to ProductsPricingCustomer price lists. From here, you have two main options to choose how to determine the price list displayed:

  • Selecting a Customer. This will auto-fill the price book for the customer based on the customer account settings
  • Selecting a Price book. This will allow you to choose a price book without selecting a customer.

Alternatively, you can generate a price list for a customer directly on their customer page by selecting More actionsGenerate price list.

You will also be able to manually select product types, container types, and specific products that you would like to exclude from the pricelist; this is very handy when you only want to display products relevant to a particular customer. For example, if you are generating a price list for a pub, you may want them only to receive draught products and remove all small-pack products from the price list.

Price list templates

To save you from having to filter out the products you want to exclude every time you generate a list on a particular customer, you can create and apply price list templates to quickly filter out the products you don’t want to include. You can create a template by selecting Price list templatesNew template. These can be assigned to customers, customer groups and customer types. For example, you can create a Draught beer template, a Small pack template or an Export template. Your export price list can contain all the required information, such as duty-free pricing and the degrees Plato. All lists can have unique exclusions to ensure the correct products are presented and the ability to include best-before dates. You can also choose whether you display your stock levels on products.

When creating a price list template, you can apply different settings from the following:

  • Product exclusion
  • ABV & Plato inclusion
  • Which available quantity to use
  • Beer product grouping
  • Product sorting
  • Expiry dates
  • Hide unavailable stock
  • Show beer style and description
  • Show product tags
  • Round prices to two decimal places
  • Customisable PDF footer text

On generating and exporting your price list, you will also notice that all relevant discount structures have been applied, showing the customer the benefits and cost per unit if they order a quantity that fits your discount structure.