Correcting an incorrect return

HI all,
We have a cask that has been returned incorrectly (empty instead of full). Can this action be undone? If so whereabouts in BREWW do i need to go?

Many thanks

Hi Anthony,

I’m afraid that it’s not currently possible to undo an ullage. To resolve this, you’ll want to make a stock adjustment to re-fill the container. Start by going to the product’s page, then click Actions > Stock adjustment.

You’ll also need to resolve the duty paid on this, as otherwise, you’ll be paying twice. There are a few ways of doing this, but the simplest would be to make an adjustment on your next return.
Go to the Beer duty section and view the date of this order, then click ‘Beer duty breakdown’. Search on the page (using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl/CMD + F) for the invoice number. There should be an entry for the duty incurred from the sale, and potentially an entry for a reclaim if the container had any ullaged volume returned. You can use these to calculate the duty paid on the product.
Then to make the adjustment, go back to the beer duty by date page, then at the bottom, you’ll see a button to add an adjustment. You’ll want to use a negative number for the adjustment to reduce the amount payable.

I hope this helps!