Contacts for in-house personnel & automatic email settings for POs, delivery notes, invoices, etc

It would be useful to be able to set up multiple contacts & email addresses in our account that aren’t attached to customers. Then, to be able to tell breww to automatically email those contacts certain things, like all POs created, all delivery notes created, etc.

We need to email every delivery note to 2 people in our accounts office. As-is, in order to do this automatically those 2 people need to be set up as contact people for every individual customer.

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Great news, Peter, we’ve been able to add these options for you now :tada:

If you head over to SettingsEmail settings, then you should find options for the CC and BCC emails in each section (invoice/credit notes, delivery notes and purchase orders).

Hopefully, this saves lots of time configuring this on each customer, although I appreciate there’s probably a job to go through and remove these from each customer now!

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I’m not allowed to enter more than one email for the automatic CC fields. I’ve tried using a comma and semicolon between addresses and it’s giving the error that those symbols can’t be used after the @.

Is there a workaround or can this be changed?

In the mean time, as a work-around, I’ve set up additional folders with automatic filtering & forwarding in my email client.

You should be able to enter multiple emails if you separate them with either a comma or a semicolon - a bit like this:

I’ve tested this on my account and it does seem to be working properly. If you’re still having problems, can you share a screenshot showing your input and the error message and we can look into it? (If you need to keep the email addresses private, you can open a support ticket to send the screenshot and refer back to this thread.)

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