'Completed' Batches

The delayed release feature is really good, and as a brewery that produces a lot of cask conditioned beer, is certainly an improvement on our previous software. Allowing us to ‘hide’ the beer from those pesky sales people! :rofl:

But BREWW labels batches ‘complete’ once they are packaged and the vessel has been emptied of all that particular beer. We cask condition for about a week, at which point we obviously test gravity/abv, but also colour, bitterness etc… To me, this is when a batch is complete (ie. Ready to sell).

Do I have a setting wrong somewhere, or would this be a ‘feature request’?

I think you’re right. That is how Breww works. But like you say, you have the option of having a batch (gyle / whatever) “complete”, but the product not released. Strikes me, this is logical. It’s truly complete in the sense that all brewing actions have been performed (OK, apart from some qc stuff). And of course, the released state isn’t a property of the batch - it applies to a racking, really. I split a batch between (say) cask and keg, I might want to release the keg immediately, but hold on to the cask for a little while… Is my batch half complete?