Collections and sample drop offs on deliveries

It would be to be able to add collections and sample deliveries into deliveries


You can already set up container collections from your customers using the uplift tool in Breww. These collections will fit in your delivery routing. Please see the following article for more info:

As for samples, if you use the free samples feature of the Leads section of Breww, you’ll find these orders should already fit into your deliveries as well. If you don’t use this feature, you can always set up an uplift order, with a note to say that you’re actually dropping something off or meeting with a customer. If you don’t select that you’re picking up a container or ullaging one, you won’t have to assign any containers to the uplift.
I hope this helps!

Hi, does this work for Ekegs or just your own containers?

We were more thinking for when we need to drop off / pick up POS from events

The feature is intended for returnable containers, but you could still use it for anything really to add to your delivery routing.

@finlay-heslop does this help?