Clearer scheduling sheet

As we’ve implemented Breww in the past few months, we’ve found the majority of the system extremely user friendly.

However, when looking at the batch scheduling screen, especially for the brew team, it is tricky to navigate and decipher what exactly is going on and when. The production team may only be able to get a quick glance while brewing, and so would be beneficial to them if it were easier to navigate.

We personally think it would be great if there was a stand-alone section purely for packaging on the batch schedule screen. Our packaging team can then easily access and see what’s being packaged when.

We have also found it frustrating that everytime you need to change the planned packaging, you have to go into the specific planned batch and change it there, whereas the fermentation and conditioning days can be changed easily from the quick edit button. Likewise when you need to change the date of a planned packaging, the widget can’t be dragged and dropped.

Thanks for the suggestions James, these are all excellent points. I can really see the benefits of these.

As always, if anyone else would find this useful, please give it a vote with the button above.

Thank you, it’s much appreciated :pray:

Thanks everyone for the votes on this. We’re delighted to let you know these changes have been implemented and we hope that they are useful for you.

As always, we welcome any feedback and other ideas :+1:

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