Changing small pack container type on existing product

Is there a way to modify the container type used in a product?

We have Breww set up to automatically use a “lid” when you fill a 355 mL can because we have a small pack container type called 355 mL can that is assigned to a product when you first create it.

We’ve switched to a different container type that uses a different lid. Same product, though.
Is there a way to modify the container type used in an existing product?
I can’t seem to find an option to do so when I edit that particular product.

Thanks in advance for your help.

AFAIK you can’t edit the container type once it’s been racked.

If it’s a permanent switch, could you just edit the attached inventory items? (On either the product or the container)

Alternatively create a new product with the new container type and obsolete the other?

Thanks Steve, that’s completely right. Once a product has been racked, the container type on the product can’t be changed so that historical references are kept intact.