Can we have a delayed price book implantation or a date range between two date for special price

We have a price increase each year and would like to update customers pricing as we go along to stop a mass change on one evening before the an update of discounts. EG get a date for the new discounts/price book to go live.
We also have customers which buy on a special price over a period of say two months. Can you implement a date range for a special price on a brand or container type or category?

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Thanks for the suggestion, Matthew.

I’m sure this would be possible, but my concern is that it might get hard to manage if there are multiple date ranges that a price book changes, before moving back again, then maybe to another all together, etc.

Would a simpler approach like Bulk change price book assigned to customers/etc work for you? If so, we can close this if you can vote for that thread. If not, can you let me know why (just so we don’t fall into the trap of building something for you that suffers the same problem)?


@matthew-ashford and @rob-hales can you please confirm if my other suggestion would work for you?

As we’ve not heard back, I’m going to close this thread on the assumption that the other I’ve linked to above will be a suitable solution.

If anyone disagrees, please reply to this thread in the next 14 days (at which point it will automatically close).

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