Bulk email creator

Hi all,
We would like to send bulk email to customers. Is there a way of doing it with Breww or are you planning to do it?
which free of charge platform are you using or could you recommend?


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for getting in touch.
There is currently no way to do this directly in Breww, but we do have plans for this in the long term.
We recommend Mailchimp, we use it ourselves and know that many of our customers use it.
At the moment, you’ll need to manually export your email list from Breww, and then import it into Mailchimp. You can export a customer list using the ‘Customers & suppliers’ raw data explorer report, in the Reporting section of Breww. Start by adding the fields you need (name, primary_email → email_address etc.), change the output to ‘Export to Excel’, then add any filters you might need. For example, you can add a post code area filter by clicking the blue ‘Add filter’ button, selecting ‘Address post code’, typing ‘AL’ for example, then clicking ‘Address Post Code contains AL’. This will select all customers with a post code containing AL.
I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything further.