BrewwQL for searching Locations within Sites

Does anyone know if it is possible to search the containers list using BrewwQL for containers at a specific location within a brewery site?

As in, we are looking at searching (& ultimately creating lists) for our own containers (both empty & full), at specific locations within our production site - So we can generate dynamic lists that tell us at a glance information such as how many kegs/firkins are in the taproom/coldstore/brewery.etc

I’ve tried using the and address filters, but they don’t seem to work on your own sites. It appears we can manually type in the specific site & location name in the search box and find the information, but not through the filter (unless I’m doing something wrong).

Thanks in advance for any advice :beers:

Doesn’t Containers list | Breww do this?

My query is on the Container List page, I probably haven’t explained myself very clearly.

I can use the search box, but this requires typing the site & location correctly (spaces/spelling.etc) e.g:

‘Brewery - Store 1’
‘Brewery - Store 2’
‘Brewery Site B - Store’…

I would like to just set/save some brewwQL filters up to make this faster/simpler for the whole team, but it doesn’t appear to be possible - I can use the Empty at Brewery filter, but this doesn’t cover the requirements fully.

If there is a way to filter for site & specific location within that site (both empty & full) that would be helpful. I’m not sure it really needs an FR as the functionality is available to obtain the results I need - I’m just trying to create some shortcuts to the information.

Maybe there is another way to filter that I’m missing?

Right. So you’d need the Devs to let you get at Location in BrewwQL on that screen?

That’s right. It’s very quick to make that option available, so I’m happy to do that for you. I’ll let you know when the change is live.

Exactly that @jon-kyme2, in hindsight I should have just worded it like that. I wondered if location might already be available somehow I wasn’t seeing in my initial query.

Thanks @matt-cousins this will be really helpful. For some context, we’re hoping to be able to use this information (in conjunction with other already available breww reports) to make timely decisions about returnable containers to improve efficiency with fill-times for container use at our own locations. Being able to access live information instantaneously will be immensely helpful during meetings.

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Good news, current_location is now available on Containers BrewwQL. It’s the “location” that’s saved on the container, so you would have to join onto the “site” as well to filter properly. For example if you wanted all containers at “Brewery - Main”: = "Brewery" and = "Main"

Confusingly, a container can still have a ‘current (brewery) location’ but also be at a customer, so you would want to add a filter for not at a customer (note ‘None’ isn’t in quotes as it’s a keyword): = "Brewery" and = "Main" and current_customer = None

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Just implemented this @matt-cousins - really helpful.
Thanks for the rapid implementation :beers:

Great! You’re more than welcome