BrewwQL expansion for dependent filters

Would it be possible to add the following variables to the customer BrewwQL system?
-Total invoice values within a period (Breww currently does average order value)
-Last activity (Breww currently supports last order)

What we’d like is to generate a list of customers where there has been no activity within a period of time (an order, or activities noted by our sales team) for the team to focus on; and a list of the highest ordering customers.

Currently we could find the customers with the most orders, or, highest average order; which together could estimate what we need, but it’d be much simpler to filter customers who have spent more than £££ in the last period of time.

Thank you


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion here.
This is something that shouldn’t take too long to add. We’ll try and get to it soon for you. I’ll keep you updated.


I just wanted to clarify that the last_activity_date filter has been added (this was in January, sorry for not updating you before).

The other part of this request is exceptionally complicated (Matt was extremely optimistic in his previous reply :joy:).

We’ll keep this thread open for the introduction of “dependent filters” in BrewwQL. Currently, all BrewwQL filters are evaluated independently and so sometimes you cannot get to the result you’re looking for (see Breww QL & 'within range' query). It would be great to find a solution for this.

If you’d like to see “dependent filters” in BrewwQL, please give this thread a vote :+1: