Breww to take delivery/dispatch day from Sellar

Currently orders in Breww are scheduled for delivery on next working day automatically when they drop in from Sellar. It would be useful if the orders could drop into the delivery day that is specified on Sellar when confirming an order. It may be possible to do this already, I’m just having no luck finding it!

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Thanks for the great suggestion, Fred.

At the moment, when an order is first imported into Breww (either on placement in Sellar, or on confirmation, depending on your settings), we will use Sellar’s provided dispatch/delivery date, if it’s set, and fall back to our own rules if it’s not set (which may be next day in your case).

After this point, Breww will never change the date in Breww. We don’t know if the date in Sellar has changed or just been set for the first time. We also don’t know if you’ve since “corrected” the date in Breww, making it very difficult to know what to change the date to (if at all) if a date mismatch is found.

If Breww was to detect a different delivery date between Breww and Sellar, it wouldn’t know which date was “correct” (i.e. which one should take precedence over the other). As there’s no clear right answer to this, and we can’t easily know which date was the most recently updated, it’s hard to know how best to solve this, in all honesty.

We’re happy to keep this thread open for comments/ideas and votes, but I wanted to explain how it works now and why it works in that way. I hope this makes some sense :+1: