Breww to suggest complementary items when adding a product to an order (such as pump clips)

For customers that have rotational lines, would anyone else see value in Breww being able to suggest when a customer needs a pump/keg badge?

Example you put on a line for a cask of Moonshine IPA and Breww knows that the customer hasn’t had that beer before so it suggests you include a pump clip on the order?

Often containers go out without pump clips for us and it’s a cost as we then have to post out to customer.

Maybe not worth the time implementing but may solve a problem that we have.

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This sounds similar to something I requested ‘customer ordering new beer add pump clip etc to beer’ and we would find this feature very useful.

Not sure how to link the previous feature request, but hopefully the ideas can be combined and it can get a few more votes!


Thanks for highlighting this, Tim. You’re right, these should be combined, and I’m sorry I missed this before. (I’ve noticed that you’ve not voted for your own thread - if you can this will help with the prioritisation.)

@lewis-hill could you please vote for the other thread too? I’ll close this one to ensure all votes go to the same thread. Thanks :+1: