Breww App on mobile phones

Hi guys,
I love being able to use my phone to do most things on Breww - When you’re in the brewery all day, getting to a computer can be a bit of a pain, and doing things as you go is great. However, there are times that it’s a bit clunky to use on a phone. The main issues are:

  1. The back button on the android version of the app often takes you completely out of the program, forcing you to start back at square one again. I’m getting better at remembering not to use it, but it’s a force of habit, and quite hard to break.

  2. The resizing onto a phone screen is often quite awkward. Having a checklist to scroll through easily would be wonderful for brew days and cleaning. Perhaps even on another tab, like the deliveries, so you don’t loose your place?

  3. Easier to use checkboxes for cleaning processes, like on the brew sheet would be great - Again, it can be trickier to fill in details on a phone, but a box to tick to say “done” would make things simpler.



Hi Keir,

It’s great to hear that you love being able to use Breww on your phone! We’ll investigate that issue on your Android device ASAP, thank you for bringing that to our attention. Do you mind if I ask what the make and model of the phone is to help us in our investigations?

Yes we agree, unfortunately resizing onto a smaller screen often leads to a bit of a cramped UI unless you strip out some functionality - but I definitely think we can look at streamlining some of those most commonly mobile-used pages! The brew sheet is a great example of something we can look to further improve the UI for on any screens smaller than a tablet. Another tab on the app for it could be a good option.

We’ll get this onto our roadmap and keep you updated!