Brew Sheet printing of a batch that hasn't been started

Is there any way to print brew sheets for upcoming batches prior to them being started on Breww? we are looking to use Breww brew sheets moving forward to keep a digital record but for preparing for the upcoming brews we find it useful to have a paper copy too. It would be good to have it all in one place if possible

Thanks for getting in touch Sam. A batch does need to be started in Breww before you can access the brew sheet so I have moved these over to feature requests for you so the team can look at this and update you if they make it possible to view the brew sheet prior to starting the batch.

If anyone would find this useful in Breww, please vote using the button above.

Thanks, everyone for your votes on this great suggestion.

The PDF version of the brew sheet can now be viewed for planned batches :+1:

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