Breaking down a multipack into a single smallpack?

I’m certain I remember being told you can do this, but I can’t see it or find out how? I’ve got the 440ml individual cans as products assigned to a beer, but only the 18 cases ‘in stock’. Just want to break it down so I can do some half cases with other beers?

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community.

To disassemble your 18 cases, you can go to the ‘18 case’ product page, click Actions and then click Disassemble product. This will then allow you to pick the location that the product is being disassembled from and the quantity. Breww can also assemble and disassemble products automatically for orders.If you go to Settings > Delivery settings > Auto-assign products (tab) you can set this if needed to fulfil orders.

I hope that helps but let me know if you need any further assistance.

Awesome, thanks Joe. All sorted now :smiley: