Bigger barcodes!

When barcodes print on labels (for packaged products) they are really small! This means they don’t always print well on a thermal ribbon based printer (the lines are a tad close together) which means they don’t always scan properly.

We have bene having a few issues with distributors and consolidators who rely on the barcodes for stock picking and they have bene pushing us to have bigger barcodes that are easier to scan.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ben.

We’ve made a few tweaks to the barcode size and resolution settings on the label PDFs. Can you let us know if this is any better now?

They are a bit better, but as a comparison you can see in the attached photo our old labels compared to the new ones.

It’s not an urgent request. Just I suspect anyone who uses a wholesaler/ distributor who uses case barcodes to pick may request it at some point. The one on the left you can scan from about 80cm away and it scan instantly. The one on the right scan at about 20cm and has a bit of a delay whilst you line up the barcode correctly.

Ah, that makes sense - you’re using custom label templates! With the default template, there isn’t really enough room to make the barcode much bigger… but with a custom template, this could certainly be done!

We should be able to update this to allow you to configure this yourself :+1:

We’ve added an option to customise the height of the barcodes on custom label templates now. The default height for product barcodes is 55px, I’d suggest doubling this, generating a template to see how it looks and adjusting from there if needed.

Can you confirm if this does the trick?

It certainly does. Awesome service as usual!

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