Batch Yields reporting question

How is the overall yield / efficiency for the “Completed batch yields” report period being calculated? It looks like it’s using the average of the batch percentages :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, but should probably be using the totals to compute this.

Otherwise, small batches, e.g. 50L batches on our tiny pilot kit, skew the number rather.

Sorry for the slow response, Jon.

The yield is calculated as the total volume packaged divided by the total batch volume (multiplied by 100 to get a percentage).

If you have a row in this report that doesn’t look right, can you please open a support ticket with the details (so we have access to your account), and we can look into it for you?

Thanks for reply.
Have raised ticket.

Apologies for the confusion here. This was my mistake for misunderstanding your question orginally.

Each row in the table is calculated correctly, but there is a “totals/averages row” at the bottom which I hadn’t realised you were referring to and as you suggest, this is an average of the yield percentages.

This is a generic row that’s added to all our pre-built reports and you’re right that in this case, it’s probably not a helpful figure to show. It’s not going to be feasible in the short term to “correct” this average percentage calcution, so rather than removing it from all reports, we’ve opted to keep it, but show a warning next to it that explains how it’s calculated. In some reports, this average might be the correct figure to use.

The warning will show in Breww later today and will say:

This is an average of the percentages in the column above. This is not an average of the underlying data. Use this number with caution.

I hope this makes sense and apologies again for the confusion and misunderstanding on my part.

Okie dokie. You want to reopen the FR?
Completed batch yields report tweak needed - Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community

Hi Jon, we’ve just re-opened this feature request for you! Cheers

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