Batch tracing and ingredient recalls

We take ingredient and beer batch traceability seriously in Breww and as such, we offer two useful tools for tracing where any raw materials may have been used in addition to seeing where batches of packaged beer have been sold.

Where has a batch of beer been delivered to?

If for any reason, you need to investigate the distribution of a specific batch of beer, you can do so using the Batch distribution report. This is found in
ReportingPre-built production & inventory reportsBatch distribution.

Ingredient recalls

If you need to recall a specific stock item, such as a batch of hops or yeast, you can do so with the Ingredient recall tool. Simply navigate to InventoryTools & optionsIngredient recall then choose the stock item and enter the applicable batch code.

The report will detail which batches of beer this ingredient batch has been used in, in addition to any racked products. It will also show any customers that have received packaged beer from one of these batches, alongside some useful details to allow for a recall (such as the customer address and phone number).

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