Backlog for brewing schedule


When scheduling production for a certain period of time, I make a list of all the batches that need to be brewed within that time frame. Our head brewer then proceeds to put those into the schedule on the right day, vessel etc.

Is there a way for me to input the list of beers to be brewed, without assigning them to a date, vessel, recipe etc.

Some sort of backlog, preferably drag and drop to the right date and vessel in the schedule.

You can add planned batches. Your brewer will need to at least give them a start date (I think) to get them on the schedule. I don’t think there’s anywhere on the schedule page that shows them. That would be useful, like you say, so that they can be dragged onto the schedule proper.

Thanks for your reply! I can’t seem to find where to add planned batches? We just started this month, so still pretty new to it all.

I’d rather not have them cluttered on the actual schedule before all the specifics are sorted out. Like you say, I would kind of like a place to drop the list of beers to make, with the volume and deadlines, and leave all the actual planning to our head brewer.

You can do it from the production dashboard, or from the Batch schedule screen. Just add a New Batch. You don’t need a start date or (optionally?) a recipe, just the beer and the volume I think. It’s a planned batch until you actually start it. Visibility of planned batches isn’t great - they have a status of “Planned” if you view all batches.

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