Backdating ingredient additions to a batch

I’m struggling to understand the best approach to managing adding ingredients post brew day. In my case, dry hopping. I know you can add ingredients at different stages but how do you define the date that each stage occurs on? When I “push” a batch through the system/stages, Breww never asks me for a date as to when each stage happens. So in my case, I can set the dry hop stage to be 4 days after the brewday but sometimes we dry hop early (at 3 days) or late (at 5 days) depending upon how the beer is progressing. How do I adjust for that in a manner that stock is pulled from inventory on the exact date that actually goes into the fermenter. Relying upon the system date when the stage is marked complete is not reliable (if in fact that is what happens) as we may update breww after the fact.

How are other breweries setting up their recipes to accomodate ingredient additions post brew day?

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for posting this! At the moment, it is only possible to make the stock action in reference to a brewing stage and not a specific date, but you do raise an interesting point. I have switched this to a feature request for you, so others can vote on it and our team can look at it.