Automatically update recipe versions for planned brews in schedule when you edit a recipe

It would be really useful if once you edit a recipe be that adding a different ingredient or adding a check or process an option appeared to automatically update all currently planned brews for that beer that are in the schedule.

A tickbox is probably better than it automatically doing it in case you don’t want all the recipes changed for whatever reason.


100% agree this would be a great option. Even if it was a pop-up when confirming the updated recipe, “would you like this to update scheduled brews” etc. It happened a few times where items haven’t appeared in the pre-brew stock check due to a change in a recipe and I’ve been left short or had to buy from another supplier at short notice to keep things on track.

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Good news everyone! This has now been implemented :tada:

When you update a recipe, if there are any outstanding planned batches, you’ll be prompted to confirm if you’d like them switched to the new version (or not).

Thanks @ben-march for putting this forward and everyone who voted for it :+1:


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