Automatically set order as invoiced before dispatch

The current configuration in Breww is set to mark an order as invoiced once it has dispatched. We would like to set it so that invoices are paid before dispatch. We link to Xero so that once payment has been reconciled it feeds back into Breww, we then know it can be dispatched. Currently we have to manually mark all these orders as invoiced so that Breww can create the Xero invoice. If we don’t do this then we have to manually check the payments as there isn’t anything to reconcile with in Xero until we mark as invoiced in Breww.

Hope this makes sense.

I think I understand what you mean. You’d like to invoice orders earlier in the process so that they can sync to Xero for payment reconciliation before you make the deliveries.

You can already manually invoice orders using the “Order actions” menu on an order, which from what you’ve said, I think is what you’re using to push these to Xero already.

I’m sorry if I’m missing something, but what new feature are you looking for here? Automatic invoicing of orders based on another trigger (other than the delivery leaving duty suspense)? If so, what trigger are you looking for?


Hi Luke,

Yes, you are correct. I would like it to trigger on order “confirmed” or at least the option for this.