Automatically send invoices on delivery


It was mentioned back in September by the Breww team that you were discussing with other breweries an account setting that would automatically send an invoice on delivery to a customer - is it something you’re still considering/working on?

It would be hugely advantageous and helpful to us if so, February is the start of our next quarter and we’re looking to email all customer invoices and statements from then onwards.

Thanks, Gemma.

Hi Gemma,

It is! In fact, work on this began earlier this week. We’re hopeful to have this feature live by the end of the week.

Once this is ready, I’ll let you know here!



Hi Gemma,

We completed testing of this feature this morning and it is now live and ready for use!

If you go into your Invoice Settings, you can enable the new option (it’s enabled for brand new Breww accounts by default, but for existing breweries we have left it off so as not to change anything unexpectedly).

You can also customise the email template in your Email Settings page.

We hope you find this useful :grin:

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Hi Luke

That’s great, thanks. Perfect timing for us! I’ll take a look at out settings.

Cheers, Gemma.


This is a great facility, is there a way I can turn it off for specific customers like SIBA for example?

Hi Richard,

Welcome to the community!

There isn’t a way to switch it off on a per-customer basis at the moment, but you raise a really good point about SIBA orders. As the invoice isn’t supposed to be sent to SIBA customers ever, we’ll put a rule into Breww behind the scenes to always exclude these orders from receiving these emails (so you can keep this setting on without risking the invoices being sent to SIBA customers). We can apply this at the order level for SIBA orders only, so if you were to sell directly to a SIBA customer, for those orders manually entered into Breww the invoice would still be sent.

Would this cover all your use-cases for being able to disable this on a per-customer basis, or would you still like the option to prevent this email on a per-customer basis?



Hi Luke,

There are not many but I would have two other companies that would not require invoices to be sent. Eebria being one of them.

Many thanks


Hi Richard,

Yes, great point about EeBria! We’ll get a customer account option added as well, so you can use it on EeBria and others that don’t want the invoice sent.



Great news!

This option has been prepared now, and soon you’ll see a new option on creation or editing of a customer to switch the account-wide setting off for an individual customer:

And from the main customer screen, you’ll be able to see the option chosen on the left-sidebar:

Thanks for helping us make Breww even better :beers:


Luke super fast response as per normal and thank you once again. Are you able to add this function to a customer group?

Hi, I’ve noticed invoices are only sent to customers with an email address in the ‘organisation email address’ field and not in ‘contacts’. This isn’t always appropriate as most often the invoice will need to go to an Accounts specific address. Is there a way around this? Can you add an ‘accounts’ field option rather than ‘work’ and ‘home’ like there currently is maybe?

If you can advise the most elegant way of us making sure the right email address gets the the invoice emailed that would be appreciated.


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Hi Richard and Gemma,

The emails should be being sent to the customer group’s “contact email”, if one has been entered (and the customer is part of a customer group of course).

In addition to this, if you tag one or more of the “contacts” (or the customer itself) as Receives invoice emails then we’ll send the emails to these addresses (can be multiple) as well as the customer group.

If the above doesn’t result in us finding any email addresses (no customer group email, and nothing tagged as Receives invoice emails), then we’ll fall back to the “primary” email on the organisation itself. We won’t add in the organisation primary email if we found any emails from the other sources however (unless the customer/organisation is tagged directly as Receives invoice emails).

Gemma, you should be able to achieve what you’d like by editing a contact and applying the Receives invoice emails tag to them.

To recap, the process for us choosing the emails to include is as follows:

  • If the customer (organisation) is tagged as Receives invoice emails and has a primary email, add this email.
  • If there are any contacts with the tag Receives invoice emails, add those emails.
  • If the customer is part of a customer group, and this group has a contact email, add this email.
  • Finally, if the above steps didn’t result in any email addresses, then use the organisation’s primary email address.

This is the same process that we go through for the default emails included in the form show when on an order/invoice, and you click the Email > To customer button. You can click this to test that the emails shown are as expected, without having to actually send the email.

I hope that makes sense and allows you to achieve what you need :+1:



Thanks again for the information. Is it ok if I clarify how NOT to send invoice emails to a group who don’t want invoices sending to either the outlet or the head office email? (aka SIBA).

  • remove any contact email from the group page. (not ideal if you need to send future copies).

  • check the box on all the outlet pages for the group to say ‘never auto email invoices’

Can you add a ‘never auto email invoices’ to the group set up?


Luke just checking if you had seen this?

Hi Richard,

I’m really sorry for the slow response, it’s been one of those weeks!

We’ve added the “Never auto email invoices” option to customer groups now too, as requested, which will save you needing to select this for all individual customers in a group.

If either the customer or the customer group has the option to never auto email invoices, then this will disable the automatic emailing for invoices on that customer account completely (including any customer group emails).

In addition to my screenshot above where it showed on the customer detail “Disabled for this customer specifically”, you may now also see the following (“Some group” being the name of the customer group):

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 9.55.35 am

If you’re using our SIBA integration to automatically import SIBA orders, then Breww knows the orders are SIBA orders and will never email these invoices to anyone (customer or group level), regardless of the settings you have selected on the customer or the customer group. There’s no harm in setting the customer/group to “never email” if you want to, too. The SIBA rule applies only to SIBA orders, so if you manually input an order to Breww on a customer account that’s also got SIBA orders on it, this won’t trigger the SIBA override and the customer/group settings will apply.

I hope that answers your question and the new option saves you some time. Again, sorry for the slow response!


Nice work Luke, well done and thank you.