Automatic batch costs based on a custom formula, applied on batch complete

One of the things we’re still tracking outside of BREWW is our total cost for each brand brewed. While BREWW tracks ingredient and fixed costs like labor, we use a percentage of the total cost of the batch multiplied by the length of time it takes to produce the beer to estimate opportunity cost, which we use in pricing our beers. For example: our lagers are priced similarly to our DIPA’s, because even though the ingredient cost is much lower in a lager, it’s tying up a vessel we can’t otherwise use for several months.

It would be great to assign these variable costs (even if they’re determined outside of BREWW) to specific beers.

Thanks for the great suggestion, Kurt.

It sounds like Automatic utility/other cost by days in tank/vessel or per litre racked would be a big help, as you’d be able to have a cost assigned per day. Would this cover what you need (it would need to be a fixed cost per day, regardless of the beer).

If that doesn’t cover it (i.e. you need a different cost per beer), we could possibly allow you to enter a formula (like we do with calculated fields in recipes), which had some variables available to it, such as “total cost of ingredients” and “number of days in vessel”. You could then make the formula and Breww could apply the cost at the point of the batch being complete.

How does this sound?

Hi Luke!

I think the latter solution is the most appropriate one.

I have been able to calculate these variable costs outside of brew, so whether it’s an additional “fixed” cost field with maybe a drop down menu or something to title them appropriately, or just something generic like “additional costs.” But they would be different for each beer.

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Thanks, Kurt. This sounds like a good solution.

If anyone else would like to see this, please give this thread a vote, and comment with any other “variables” that you’d like to be able to use in your custom formulas.