Attachment indicator on purchase order page to show preview on hover

I’d like a little indicator to see if there is an attached file to a purchase order.
For instance, if you attach the sales confirmation or invoice pdf to the purchase order I’d like to see that it’s there without having to open the purchase order to check.
Similar to how Xero accounting shows that there is an attached file on their invoice list page.
It then allows you to clock on that little attachment icon and see the attachment (or at least the first page of it)

Thanks for the great suggestion, Henry. Fortunately, this was just a small tweak, so I’m delighted to say that we’ve been able to add this for you to the list of POs and Inventory Receipts.

There’s a new second-to-last column that has an attachment icon (paperclip) in the heading and will show the number of uploaded files against the document :+1:

We hope this is useful for you and others.

Thanks - that looks great, and is pretty useful for a quick visual check of all is well in that list.
Now…here’s an improvement idea:
Can that little number icon in the paperclip column be made clickable so you can see the document in preview mode?

That does sound like a good idea, so I’ve re-opened this feature request :smile: This part isn’t a small tweak, so it’s not something that we can just drop in quickly like the first part was. It will have to go through the usual process of picking up votes and getting scheduled into our plan.

If anyone else would like to see this, please give this a vote with the button in the top-left. Thank you.