Are you working on an intergration with shipstation?


We use multiple online ordering platforms to accept order like amazon, wix web-stores and the trade store. The amount of time spent on inputting shipping info etc especially for export is insane.

Amazon and wix both work with our courier software shipstation and I was wondering if you were working on an integration for this app? It would be massively helpful and reduce the work load by hours a week.


We’re not working on an integration with Shipstation. We’re not opposed to considering such an integration, but we are working on Courier Integrations, which would probably remove the need for an integration with Shipstation, to be honest. We also feel that the experience of this being part of Breww, rather than a separate platform, would be a better experience than an integration with something like Shipstation would be.

Would you still need a Shipstation integration once Courier Integrations is complete, and if so, why? Thank you.


No we wouldn’t need shipstation if there was an integration to breww direct to our couriers


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That’s great, thanks for confirming. I’ll close this thread now in favour of the other integration then :+1: