API: Add Integrations Product Mapping Endpoint

Hiya folks,
Another request I know will be great for us but less commonly required for others at the moment but I’m putting it out there regardless!

It’d be fab if we could get a API access to the integrations mappings. At the moment, if I need to extract the product mappings, I have to parse the HTML from the page, or else manually reflect the mappings.
Getting read (and, even better, write!) access to this would save a lot of pain.

It could be built something like:

    BrewwProductId: number;
    RemoteProductId: string;
    RemoteVariantId?: string;

Naturally, this is somewhat dependent on the integration. I’m particularly focussed on Shopify with this.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Fred.

I must say that I’d suggest avoiding parsing the HTML as we might change it at any time as it’s only intended to be used by a person, not a computer. But it’s up to you.

In case you were not aware, if you can use a consistent SKU (or product code) between Shopify and Breww, they will auto-map, saving a mapping having to be made into Breww manually for each product.