Allow setting an "Email from name"

It would be easier for customers to identify emailed invoices if they appeared to come from the brewery instead of from [email protected].

We have integrated Quickbooks Online with Breww, when we sent invoiced out from Quickbooks the email came from:
Redding Beer Company, LLC [email protected]

We have had a confused customer how did not correctly identify that this was an invoice from us and cause a delay in payment.

Redding Beer Company


Thanks for the suggestion, Jim.

We should be able to add the option to specify an “Email from name”. We’re working on Personalise email origin address (send emails from your own email addresses) at the moment, which is related, so we may be able to add this into that project :+1:

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Great news, Jim!

You can now specify the “Send from name override” in your Email settings, and if you don’t, we’ll default to your business name rather than the old [email protected].

You can also go one step further and change the “from email address” to your own email now too. For more on this, please see How to configure emails to be sent from your own domain name's email address.

We hope this is useful and thanks again for putting this suggestion forward :smile:

Hi Luke

I tried the new email from Email Settings but receive a bad gateway from cloudfair.

Bad gateway Error code 502

Visit for more information.

2023-06-21 13:00:24 UTC

I’m sorry about this, Jim.

If you try again, it should (hopefully) work. Unfortunately, our usually very reliable email service provider has had a few issues with their API today since 2023-06-21T13:00:00Z, which is what caused you to get this error message.

For reference, their announcement on the service issue is Service Issue: API slowness/errors | Postmark Status

They seem to be intermittently failing, but if you try again a few times, you should find it works ok. Thank you.

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