Allow Location Selecting When Disassembling/Assembling Stock


We operate websales and have an ‘online shop’ location in Breww to distinguish our smallpack single cans for websales, and our main case stock for trade sales.

Currently we have to disassemble the stock from the 12 pack product page, then move to the single can sku, and then change the location of the disassembled stock from ‘Brewery - Main’ to ‘Brewery - Online Shop’

We also cannot then select the batch to move to location ‘online shop’ so we just hope that the right batch moves

can you please include a location dropdown when disassembling to remove the additional steps needed, and make sure the correct batch is moved from location

Thanks for the suggestion, Liam.

I think this part is covered by Batch Selection When Moving Locations but please let me know if I’ve misunderstood.

There is already a location dropdown, which is for the location to take the stock from, is your request for there to be an additional location dropdown which is for where to put the component stock into? I just want to clarify that I’ve understood your request correctly. Thank you.

@liam-mcrobb could you please get back to me on my question:

If not, I’ll have to close this request as it’s not clear to me currently what exactly it is that you’re looking for. Thank you.

We also have Web orders in Retail only: When disassembling, it would be great to have the choice in the ‘Disassemble Product’ Box, another drop down to choose where you would like to disassemble to. Otherwise you have to go to the Product in it’s singular format and then amend the location manually and if you forget to do this it will not show in our online webshop


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