Allow for custom stock item sub-types on all types of stock item

I want to create a sun-type category for yeast - Dry or Liquid. How do I do that? I’ve tried creating a new sub task but the sub task box stays gray.

It’s not possible for you to create your own sub-types of ingredients at the moment, I’m sorry. The sub-types that you can create yourself are choosable when the “Type” itself is “Other” (rather than “Ingredient”).

At the moment, the ingredient sub-types are locked as we’re going to be building out further recipe improvements that can take advantage of Breww’s “understanding” of the ingredient sub-type, however, this understanding would be lost if custom sub-types could be set. I hope this makes sense. We do plan to allow custom ingredient sub-types in the future.

This should also allow for setting an accountancy account for each sub-type.

Timescale for custom ingredient sub-types? It’s hurting my brain having to call things what they’re not, to get them into the system. “Water Agent”? What’s that? I like to call a salt a salt. You could at least have gone with “Liquor treatment” which still doesn’t do it, there’s lots of brewers add dry salts to the grist, but it is actually what we call this kind of stuff.

I’m afraid we don’t have a timescale for this yet. I’ve moved this to our feature requests area so that it can be voted for and gain some more traction.

Please give this a vote using the button that now shows in the top-left as this will push it up the priority list. Thanks.

Great news to kick off your weekend - this feature is now live :tada:

You now have full control over the stock item sub-types available - this works for ingredients and all other types of stock item.

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