Allow custom fields to be stored on customers

We’d like to be able to collect & store custom data on customers. We use tags a lot, which are great, but we also want to store things where there’s a bit more variety than can be ‘forced’ into tags.
The sort of things we are looking to store are:

  • how many cask lines do they have?
  • how many keg lines?
  • how many 9s do they sell a week?
  • When does their current contract end?

But having a mechanism to specify our own list of custom fields, and ideally their data type, and then collect it, report on it (and include it in the API) would be ideal

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Thanks for the suggestion, Craig.

I’ve some good news - this is all already possible :tada:

Simply head to CustomersSettings & toolsCustom fields to add your custom fields. Once set up, they’ll show in the customer create/update forms and are usable in the raw data explorer, BrewwQL & the API.

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