Allow Breww to update a Sellar order's payment status and expected dispatch/delivery date

Currently, Breww just pulls payment information from Sellar. If an order comes through from Sellar to Breww as unpaid initially, and then a payment is added to Breww (either manually, or via an accounting integration), then this payment status is not pushed to Sellar. This feature request is to add support for pushing this payment status information to Sellar.

Additionally, if a delivery is scheduled in Breww (or the date of this delivery is changed), then Breww could update this information on Sellar automatically on your behalf.

If you’d find this useful, please give this a vote :+1: Thanks


Yes! This would be great, saves having to update two systems manually


Similar to Dan, this would be a huge help to us as we’re currently doing this manually too.

Being able to use Breww’s distribution system to make the most of Sellar’s communications to customers will mean everyone’s a winner!


Yes this would be a great feature

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Adding some other suggestions in here for some wider Sellar - Breww integration updates.

  • Sellar currently has a tick box for marketing permissions which customers can opt in/out of. It would be great if when a customer opts in, they can be added to a customer list within Breww or have a tag applied against them so that they filter through to the Mailchimp integration for marketing comms. I.e. in our case we have a customer list in Breww called ‘Trade marketing’ and customers and contacts are automatically added to this list when we place the ‘Mailchimp Mailing List’ tag on them. If customers & contacts could automatically have this tag applied to them via the Sellar integration if they’ve opted in, then this would really improve our workflows in this area.

  • Slightly related to the above point is contact syncing from Sellar to Breww. Sellar had some updates recently which now support having contacts listed against customers. It would be great if these contacts could sync into Breww.


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And another one.

I’m not sure if this would be an update to the courier integration side or the Sellar integration side or maybe both. Currently when we have an order going out via courier in Sellar, when we mark as dispatched in Breww, it marks it as delivered in Sellar which prompts customers to ask if there’s an issue because they haven’t received it yet. Hoping we could get the order marked as dispatched in Sellar when it’s dispatched in Breww and later updated to delivered when the new courier integrations are sorted.


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Another suggesiton for Sellar updates.

We’ve been getting some confusion with our customers as they’ve been downloading the invoices generated in Sellar which have different invoice numbers from the ones we generate and email them in Breww and thus creating multiple invoices in their accounting systems which then get paid twice. If there was a way for Breww to upload the invoice (and maybe signed delivery note) to Sellar that would save some confusion.


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