Allocate a beer batch (not a specific keg/cask) to an order at the point of ordering (in advance of assigning stock to the delivery)

Having the ability to specify a container from a specific batch needs to be picked for an order, but not necessarily the specific container code. This would allow a sales team to allocate the freshest stock to an order (perhaps for export), without needing to assign a container code which may be inaccessible, as it might be in the middle of a pallet. The picking team would then select a keg from the correct batch to fulfil the delivery.

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it is very common that a batch might be requested for an order - but out of 15 pallets of cask it would be almost impossible to locate a specified containers - specifying a batch only would be essential for us. thanks


Great news, everyone; this is ready for use :tada:

To find out how this works, please see this help guide:

Thank you to everyone who voted and helped to bring this to fruition!

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