Additional yeast quality metrics such as pH and conductivity

Can we add more fields alongside viability? It would be great to track pH and conductivity in graphs as well.


Thanks for the suggestions, Francesco. I’m sure these ideas would be possible.

I’m sorry to be a pain, but would you please mind converting this into two threads? Two requests in a single thread makes it hard for the request to attract votes (which are important for prioritisation) and difficult for us to implement (and we can’t mark each part as completed when done)?


Hi Luke,

No worries, I’ve done that. Feel free to delete this one.


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Thanks Francesco. I’ve edited this one to be for the additional yeast quality metrics.

Ah, but I had already created another one. The votes will be split between the two now no?

Sorry for the confusion, you’re right.

I’ve closed this thread now. If anyone else is looking for this, please vote on Additional Yeast Quality Metrics instead :+1: