Adding Yeast Batches to Recipes

Prior to yeast management becoming available in breww, we were managing yeast ‘instructions’ to production via recipes & inventory - now with yeast management - is there a way to better tie these yeasts to the recipe (and carry to the brewsheet).
We’re currently just using the Instruction Action for the blended/propped yeast in the recipe sheet (an add ingredient can be ticked, but suggest that a batch should be added, when it may come from yeast management), but it would be nice if there was a way you could tie these together - I appreciate this is difficult as yeast batches may not exist at the time of recipe creation, but may somehow using the ‘Existing Yeast Strain’, so that when the brewsheet is being filled out, with this recipe action, the batch of yeast can then be selected (from the stock of the yeast management section).
Hopefully this makes some sense - am happy to clarify.
If anyone knows of a way to better action this, I would appreciate some input.

Thanks Steve. You’re right that you can’t really add the use of a yeast batch to a recipe currently, but this would be a great addition (although does come with some complications, as you’ve highlighted).

I’ve moved your post to the feature request section as this is certainly something we should add support for in the future :+1: Cheers.

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