Adding cost to a non-returnable container

I am probably being silly here as we have previously had this set up however today we are adding “30 L EKegs” as a container type for the first time and I can’t figure out how to add a cost to it (rental + transport to brewery cost).

We have KeyKegs set up with a cost. I think we also have KeyKegs set as inventory item and linked to use “1” per fill - is this what we need to do for EKegs?


OK, perhaps I am not being silly after all.

When I edit the old 30 L KeyKeg there is an option for a cost per non-returnable.

When I edit the new 30 L E-Keg there is only an option for “Custom label template”.

Not sure what the difference is?

You’re not being silly, Lewis!
The ‘cost per non-returnable’ is an old feature that we’ve removed in favour of using stock items to track this cost, as it’s much more powerful and effective than just a single figure. The old way seemed to cause some confusion with what costs were affected by this field and what weren’t, so we removed it from being entered on new container types, but needed to keep it where it was currently still being used.
The custom label template is separate and should be showing for both, but you won’t see the ‘cost per non-returnable’ field for new container types.

So setting up “30 L E-Keg” as an inventory item that is consumed when racking a 30 L E-Keg is what I need to do?

Thanks, Lewis.

Yes, that’s right. Then you can track stock of these more easily as well.