Add unique customer info to print on invoice


We have a couple of customers that require a supplier ID to be included on their invoices, what field could we use to ensure this always appears?

Thanks, Gemma.

Hi Gemma,

Thanks for the question. I don’t think we’ve ever had this come up before.

You can set “Order notes” which will be shown on the PDF invoice, but these need to be set per-order and can’t currently be set automatically for all orders for a given customer. We have however, recently launched a feature on customers called “Private alert notes”. These are only shown to you (on the customer, order and delivery screens) and will be shown in a big yellow “alert” box so they can’t be easily missed. You could use this to add the reminder to set the order notes on each order.

From a customer, add the “Private alert notes” with:

Screenshot 2021-04-15 at 8.59.26 am

Which shows an entry like:

Then on an order, you’ll be reminded to add the order notes:

I hope this helps.


Hi Luke

Thanks, we have already started to use the private alert feature for other things but it’s not quite what I was after for this - I was hoping for something a bit more foolproof, I’ll see if I can incorporate it in the address field for now.

Can you please add it to your feature request list?

Thanks, Gemma.

Hi Gemma,

Ok, no problem. I agree that this is far from foolproof. We’ll get it added to the list for you.


Hi Gemma,

Great news, we’ve added “Customer invoice notes” now. They can be set using a button in the “Actions” menu on the customer page (next to where the alert notes shown above can be added). These will then be always shown on all PDFs for this customer’s orders/invoices.

I hope this helps!



Fab news, thanks Luke!